The LEAP DAY Logo is Ready!!!

At last! The LEAP DAY logo has been completed!!! Applauses

The design created with utmost care reflecting LEAP DAY’s vision is … (drum roll)


We have come up with a stylish and cool design!!!

LEAP DAY’s general organizer, Hirari Hatanaka seems to be very delighted with the logo.

The logo was designed by Mr. Atsushi Ito from the Design Team of the LEAP DAY Organizing Committee!

Let’s ask Mr. Ito on what meaning he wanted to include in the LEAP DAY logo!

Mr. Ito, please introduce yourself!

I supervise the LEGO School business of FROGS Corporation, but I serve as the jack-of-all-trades instead of just being creative at work. When I was a student, I had been busy producing music, planning events, and also have experience as a designer and web engineer for quite some time, while studying art and international studies. And I think that has been useful in the current years. I am grateful everyday to the people who I am involved with (lol)


What meaning have you compressed into the design of the new logo?
LEAP DAY has been originally established as a place for the Ryukyufrogs to make presentations, but I believe it will grow into the new direction of absorbing various and diverse elements with Okinawa in its center from this year.
This year marks the 10th year of the Ryukyufrogs, but the logo also expresses the diversity of a widely opened venue towards the future, while keeping the connection with the Ryukyufrogs in mind.


Which part were you especially particular with?
I was careful not to make it too techy (lol)
Although it was a challenge, I was able to represent a refined image by using a quite narrow logo typo as the font. Since the bold font of the name LEAP DAY itself is edgy, using it as it is thick and heavy gives a senseless impression. I wanted something that will show class when printed on any package.


As for yourself, what emotions or thoughts did you have when designing the logo?

I wanted LEAP DAY to grow into a global event instead of staying local. That is why I was careful, or should I say I hoped the design will continue to last even after 10 years (lol).

Lastly, please share your enthusiasm towards holding the LEAP DAY.。
I believe this year will be an important year for holding a super creative event that will represent Okinawa and turn out to be one that people will refer to as, “I wonder how this year’s LD will be like” from the following years, so I will continue my activities with a high perspective.


Mr. Ito, thank you very much for your impassioned talk on the logo!
Its less than 4 months till LEAP DAY.
Let’s make it an unforgettable 2 days! Don’t miss the fun!!
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