Why Not Join? Introduction of the Fascinating LEAP DAY PR Team Members

Hi! I’m Taro from the PR Team of LEAP DAY. Nice to meet you all.
Were you all OK with the typhoon??

I lined up for an hour to wash my car after the typhoon. It was a long wait_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


Last time, we showed you how the PR Team camp was.

This time …, we will introduce the fascinating team members of the PR Team!

The first runner up is…

Overwhelming with care!!! The reliable chief of the PR Team!



Kazuha has an attractive smile. She’s a doer, and a leader like an elder sister that pulls the whole team! She seldomly spits venom (lol), but is good at acknowledging and encouraging people. She utilizes this skill to hire and train new graduates at her work.


Kazuha, please tell us your reason for participating and how eager you are with this event!


“As a frogs OG, I always had a desire to give back to the staff of Frogs Corporation and Mr. Yamazaki, so I just had to participate! I also had the desire to learn the PR know-hows through experience and that’s why I’m a staff in the PR Team. I’ll do my best to have all of the people who comes to the event feel, ‛That was the event that gave me the greatest inspiration of this year!’”


And the second is…
Solving problems from the logical perspective, our team’s brain!

Mr. Oshiro


He tops out the team in a very logical thinking with a confirmation skill that doesn’t miss any inconsistencies or error! He always surprises us with his high analytical ability. He’s very reliable! He is good at reading anyone’s palm. He even can tell how a relationship will turn out! Believe it or not, he is a master of romance (lol)


Mr. Oshiro, please tell us your reason for participating and how eager you are with this event!


“Something new is about to begin. Something on a different level is about to happen. I just had to do something when these thoughts came up in my mind! I didn’t want to just be a bystander. I had to participate. I wanted to be proudly involved as a starting member in an activity that will be globally known to all 5 to 10 years from now!!!


The third is…

The humorous and positive woman!


POSITIVE! ACTIVE! Her favorite is PORK RIB! She is a great talker and listener. Her presence makes everybody cheerful! Her covert hobby is making You Tube clips. She loves to cook! She has a heroic episode of making a full course meal on her own… (O_O)

Hikari, please tell us your reason for participating and how eager you are with this event!

“When I told Chairman Yamazaki of the LEAP DAY Organizing Committee that, ‘I want to be a committee member,’ he said, ‘Certainly, let’s do it together!’ I want to be a person who can put aside reasons for the time being and act first! I joined because I wanted to be in a community that leads to my growth. I will liven up the event as PR using my peculiar cheerfulness!”

Next with the 4th person!

Her straightforward opinions turn into new ideas for the Team! The simple and innocent high school student!


Although a high school student, she is a charismatic high school girl that also develops services. She is a girl, who is both cheerful and serious, that is good at caring for people. And she’s so cute! \(//∇//)\

She’s in charge of Instagrams for the PR Team. Shoooowy pictures will also be uploaded!

Kazari, please tell us your reason for participating and how eager you are with this event!

“I joined from the desire to give back to Mr. Yamazaki and the frogs, who really helped me out, and also to get involved in making a big event!! I will shine my charm and make the event successful!!”


Loves to fool around, but serious deep inside! Confident in the length of eyelashes!

Person in charge of this blog, Taro

Lastly, I would like to introduce myself! People see me as flashy, but deep inside, I am a serious law department student with double eyelids (@_@)

I love ramen with thick soup. I’m recently worried about getting weaker from the lack of exercise (lol)


I joined because I thought it will, “give me an opportunity to change.” Many of the LEAP DAY staff hold terrific ideas and great visions. It is safe to say this is true with everyone (lol). I joined to be a staff from such hopes of absorbing a lot and growing by being in a community with such people.

I’m still trying to fit in, but will become a person who will be referred to as. “It’s good we had Taro with us,” by December.

That’s all of the members who are carrying out PR activities!

We are unique and interesting!!

Needless to say, we do our work thoroughly( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

We will be sending out information on LEAP DAY

and introduce other teams in a fascinating manner,

and sometimes with humor (lol)!

See you in the next blog(^^)/~~~


We are looking for volunteer staff who wishes to create LEAP DAY with us!

[Long term volunteer staff]

The PR Team is now looking for volunteers to send out information about LEAP DAY.

Help needed 3 times a week from July to December.

– Anyone like the following are welcomed! –

Good at advertising work or is interested
Sympathizes in the vision LEAP DAY aims for, and wants to create the event together with us

Looking for opportunities to change

– Activity Contents –

Share or send out articles on SNS

Distribute flyers and posters

– How to Apply –

Volunteer application form

We are waiting for enthusiastic partners who will make the future with us.

★☆LEAP DAY 2018 December 8 (Sat.) & 9 (Sun.), 2 Days! In Okinawa!☆★

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