Training camp of PR Team

Hi! I’m Kazuha from the PR Team.
I wonder why we are getting so many visits by typhoons recently.
The weather was of concern, but we went ahead and held a training camp with the LEAP DAY organizing committee members!

The PR Team carries out widespread activities by its members of a high school student, a college student and 3 adults.

This time Hikari, who usually helps out remotely from Tokyo, came to Okinawa!

This will be the first time all of us met face to face!

The PR Team holds 2 missions.

(1) Gather a total of 2,000 visitors including outdoor event participants to LEAP DAY (Dec. 8 & 9, 2018)
(2) Gather 100 persons to become volunteer staff on the event days!

But, before starting out PR activities, we felt the need to actually meet each other and draw up detailed plans. That is why we held the training camp!

And at the nervous first day… In spite of meeting each other for the first time, we were able to frankly talk to each other!

It went so well, my plans for the ice break went down the drain (LOL)

Our first meeting covered:

– Looking back 3 months ever since our team was made.
– Reconfirmation of our vision.

And, we thoroughly discussed on the following items:

– Target setting for each month by counting backwards from the goal.
– Attach meaning to each PR media
– Reconsider how many members each media needs

Discussions continued even after we got to our lodge.

“This isn’t a target. Isn’t it a task?”

“Isn’t sending out the same article over all SNS pointless?”
“Don’t we need an element that gradually builds interest to reach our young targets?”

We went through heated discussions on such matters!

Having members who can argue fairly disregarding their ages is just amazing.

We were able to increase our PR knowledge, and many new team building discoveries were made. It was an exciting day!

The day after a night full of discussions started out with a refreshing morning and …

We had our meal at a store with an ocean view!

After fully enjoying the luxurious Okinawan atmosphere, we headed to the WORKING SPACE in Urasoe!

Stimulating our senses with energy drinks, we resumed in tackling with the tasks of yesterday!

– Listing up tasks for achieving targets

– Appeal points of LEAP DAY
– Appeal points for volunteer staff etc.

There are so many things we should think about and things we want to do!

We even wanted to extend our stay another day!

On the last evening of the camp, we had a dinner with the staff of Frogs Corporation and Mr. Yuya Nishimura from NPO Miratuku, who came to Okinawa for the training of Ryukyufrogs!

Mr. Nishimura develops new businesses and supports in drawing up future strategies for companies and has held a workshop on forecasting the future with social issues as its theme.

The workshop was of a very rich content including, learning about social innovation and confronting social issues which was my interest in.

The Ryukyufrogs 10th session students are obtaining such a valuable opportunity now, while they are young.

We envy them, and we look forward to their growth!

And to Mr. Nishimura and frogs OBOG members, thank you for your ideas and advices on LEAP DAY PR! Back to the lodge!

Non-stop discussion continued also on the last night!!

At dawn…

OUT of FUEL. PR members, thank you for your hard work over the 3 nights and 3 days!

As we enjoyed the beautiful morning view, we saw off Hikari to Tokyo.

From the training camp, we were able to see the path for LEAP DAY PR and make close communication with all members!

We, the PR Team will be sending out information as plans take shape, so don’t miss it!

We are looking for volunteer staff who wishes to create LEAP DAY with us!

[Long term volunteer staff]
The PR Team is now looking for volunteers to send out information about LEAP DAY.
Help needed 3 times a week from July to December.

– Anyone like the following are welcomed! –

Good at advertising work or is interested
Sympathizes in the vision LEAP DAY aims for, and wants to create the event together with us

– Activity Contents –

Share or send out articles on SNS
Distribute flyers and posters

– How to Apply –

Volunteer application form

We are waiting for enthusiastic partners who will make the future with us.

★☆LEAP DAY 2018 December 8 (Sat.) & 9 (Sun.), 2 Days! In Okinawa!☆★

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