LEAP DAY revealed! Interview with FROGS Corp. CEO, Akira Y.

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As our memorable first posting,

Here is the interview with Mr. Akira Yamazaki, FROGS Corporation CEO, who is Chairman of the LEAP DAY Organizing Committee.

ーーMr. Yamazaki, please introduce yourself.

I am Akira Yamazaki, the CEO of FROGS Corporation.

FROGS Corporation does business with human resource training.

ーーWhat kind of an event is LEAP DAY?

We think the word LEAP also means, “it would be nice if great progress can be made.” Our subtitle is, “Create the future.” We wish to, “create the future together!” with those we will share time together at the event. Our theme for this year is, “awakening.” In other words, its saying, “It’s about time to wake up!”

We will have pitches by entrepreneurs and children who truly wishes to change the world, traditional and modern dances, and when you go out into the street, there will be food and music. It will be an event that will tingle your senses!

ーーWhy do you want to hold LEAP DAY?

I have continued a human resource training program called Ryukyufrogs for the past 9 years. Its achievements were reported in December every year, and new contents were added year by year, evolving it into an event with “sessions by innovators who succeeded in Japan and overseas” and “Okinawa’s traditional performing arts.” However, participants were mainly of innovation-interested frequenters.

I believe there is a potential group of passionate people who thinks, “I want to make Okinawa better!” or “I want to solve a social problem!” That is why I want those passionate people to also come to our event. This is the reason for holding the LEAP DAY. For this, instead of Ryukyufrogs producing the event, I have decided it should be held as a completely separate and innovative event called “LEAP DAY.”

The second reason is my wish of “inviting people from overseas.” Recently, I feel Japan itself is falling behind the world. I feel that the Japanese standard is starting to show a gap when seen from overseas. Instead of having people in the country look up to Tokyo, I want everyone to feel the global sense. And for that, I will gather all of my contacts from around the world, which I have connected to until now, to Okinawa and have everyone think about the future of Okinawa and Japan through this event.

Lastly, it all comes down to the people! No matter how much technology advances, importance lies in the power of the people in the end. I want to bring about an atmosphere from this event in which each and every citizen of Japan and Okinawa will start thinking like, “I need to do it, not someone else!” and think, “If there are people doing their best in such various ways, I should do something!”

ーーFinally, please give a message to our readers!

I think the event will be of contents that will surprise you like, “I didn’t know an event with such quality was held in Okinawa!” I am confident that it will become an unforgettable 2 days! I will see to it that the event will greatly stimulate you and get you to absorb something that will become useful from the following day, so I earnestly want the people of Okinawa to join us! And for you who will be visiting Okinawa, I recommend you stay before and after the event so that you can experience the “stimulation” along with the “comfortable Okinawan atmosphere” through sightseeing tours.

ーーThank you very much!

★☆LEAP DAY 2018 December 8 (Sat.) & 9 (Sun.), 2 Days! In Okinawa!☆★

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