this year’s theme is…

LEAP DAY2019のティザーサイト完成

I am Hatanaka, the organizer of the LEAP DAY Executive Committee.

Thanks to all of your cooperation, we are able to hold LEAP DAY in December again!

This year,
we will be carrying out the event so it will be one that will focus on issues closer to people from various generations and help everyone be able to proceed even a step forward the next day.

The theme 2 years ago was, “Create the Future.”
Last year’s was, “Awakening.”
And this year’s theme is.. “SYMPATHIZE.”

With hopes that the diverse sessions on LEAP DAY will cause resonation among participants, bring about sympathy, and help everyone put out a step forward, we have chosen “SYMPATHIZE” as the theme for this year’s LEAP DAY.

We believe everyone has their own image of sympathizing and hope that diversity will be shared at LEAP DAY.

Ticket sales and information will be released on Sept. 1.

LEAP DAY 2019 website is now avaliable.
9 / 1(日) プレイベントを開催します!!